The AAIFNC Bridges to Understanding symposium will include a superb program of the latest developments in the diagnosis and treatment of allergic disorders and their variations. Also available are poster presentations of observations by Fellows-In-Training. Posters will allow for meaningful discussion and constructive critique of recent research findings made at the bedside, the clinic, and the laboratory. We urge you to participate by submitting your clinical research findings for consideration by our Poster Review Committee. In preparing your abstract, organize it into a statement of purpose, a statement of methods, and a summary of results in sufficient detail to support the conclusion reached. Be sure to avoid the promise of additional data.

To ensure uniformity and to assist the Poster Review Committee, please conform to the following guidelines in preparing your abstract.


  • Submit one page on 8.5×11 MS Word format using 11-point Arial font.
  • A cover letter stating the name and credentials of each author, the name of the author who will present the poster, and the name or the author who is to receive correspondence regarding acceptance.
  • Abstract submissions should be original research.
  • The abstract title should fully reflect the content of the abstract body.
  • Capitalize the complete title, but do not underline.
  • Attempt to keep your abstract submission to a single page
  • The abstract must adequately describe the objectives, methods results and conclusions so that the committee may evaluate the quality of the work
  • A structured abstract format is preferable; that is, all abstracts should contain these sections: Introduction (background information and purpose of the study), Methods (study design, techniques), Results (summary of data), and Conclusions.
  • The authors must accept sole responsibility for the statements in their submitted abstract.
  • Do not include illustrations and tables.
  • Supplementary data are not accepted under any circumstances.
  • Abbreviations may be used in the abstract if such abbreviations are defined at their first mention.
  • Abstract should be limited to a single page.
  • Wherever possible, noncommercial (generic) names should be used in all abstracts and posters.

If Accepted:

  • The Presenting author will have the registration fee waived (or refunded if already paid) and receive an honorarium of $150
  • Details about how to submit the poster for printing as well as location and time of the poster presentation(s) will be provided upon notification of acceptance.


Abstracts must be received by Midnight PST on Monday, April 3rd. Submissions will only be accepted via the submission from below. Please email the AAIFNC if you have any questions.

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